Docril Colours

The fabric is guaranteed for a period of ten years during which it covers any abnormal deterioration of the physical properties and colour, given a normal exposure to weather and in the case that care and cleaning advice have been properly followed. The warranty includes the replacement of the fabric only.

Docril® is the best fabric choice for awnings and fold arms since this product range is made 100% out of solution-dyed acrylic fibre, the best raw material and dyeing process known.

The solution dyeing process adds pigments to the molecule of the fibre, creating links that are difficult to break even after some years, and which are much stronger than those from yarn-dyeing or fabric-dyeing. This is the only way to guarantee maximum quality and durability. In Spain, more than 97% of the awnings are made with this material. Docril® uses Teflon® as well in the finishing process. Teflon® protects the fabric creating a barrier that reinforces the water repellence and delays the dirt adherence.

RipBlock Colours

Ripblock is well proven in the camping market. The fabrics retain colour and strength even after years of use, due to careful selection of raw materials from reputable suppliers, and careful attention to detail during their manufacture. Outstanding resistance to rotting, waterproofness and water repellency are built-in. Ripblock is Teflon coated and SABS approved.

Sheerweave Colours

Sheerweave exterior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort, and beauty making them the ideal solution for residential and commercial spaces alike.

  • A sleek and functional alternative to canvas blinds Sheerweave effortlessly and elegantly manages the sun’s harsh heat.
  • It filters and diffuses light whilst reducing glare and allows excellent visibility – even when shades are lowered.
  • Sheerweave is manufactured under strict guidelines through ISO-certified production processes.
  • Lighter colour fabrics provide optimum heat deduction and reflect light
  • Darker fabrics provide a superb view to the outside and reduce glare.
  • Bacteria and Fungal resistance.

Outlook Colours

For sun control, cool breezes and uninterrupted view, the Outlook Collection of mesh from JG Train is the ultimate sun control solution.

Outlook is supported by a full 10 year warranty. This covers changes in physical properties and is valid for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Durabond PUV

Clear PVC used for windows


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